Jazael; practical web helper, programmer, analyst.
Jazael Martinez

B.S. Computer Science
University of New Mexico

Hello, my name is Jazael

I help people with technology projects.

I have years of professional experience, and an education in Computer Science.

My latest projects can be found on this site’s blog. I’ve also worked on larger projects, including database design, custom payment integrations and more for in-house projects in previous employment.

*Currently I am not available for new work, but if you get in touch I’ll at least point you in the right direction.

I help with a variety of technology needs:


HTML, CSS, Javascript


Artwork, Proofreading, basic writing help.


Custom Code & Data Design


Migration & Configuration

Read My Latest Blogs

Learn more about some of my projects, both personal & for clients, as well as tips for those looking to do their own web work and elaboration on my services (as needed).

More about me…

I had the opportunity to begin learning about computers when I was very young. Computers weren’t yet in every home, 2MB of RAM was a lot, and 33MHz was fast. My adoptive family had one for the family business, and it fascinated me. The manuals for the software were as big as any book I’d ever seen, hundreds or even a thousand pages. I spent my free time reading them and waiting for my chance to use the computer.

Whenever computer classes were available to me, I took them. My first programming classes were in middle school, albeit BASIC, but there was no going back. After high school I broke my studies to help my family’s business.

I ran the business successfully for about two years, while they needed help. I learned invaluable lessons in that time, especially about dealing with customers and putting them first.

Ultimately, I returned to my studies at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque and earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science with highest honors.

Other things that fascinate me include: Cycling, Coffee, the Sciences, Nature, & People.

Updates coming soon