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What’s in a Performance Review

Lately, I’ve been offering to do free performance reviews in an effort to get more work to show here and potentially get more paying work as well. There are never any obligations for free consultations, including basic performance reviews. When I say Free, I mean Free. There have, however, been a few points of confusion. … Read more

Yoga at Sunset

Austin Wellness Collaborative

AustinWellnessCollaborative.org The Austin Wellness Collaborative (AWC) is a collaboration and community for Health & Wellness Professionals. It was created by Dr. Ashley Maltz, in June of 2017. Ashley is an old friend of mine who I’ve remained in touch with through Facebook. Around August of 2018, it came to my attention that she was looking … Read more

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Easy Website Tips

No matter what sort of site you have, and no matter where or how it’s hosted there are some details that need attention. These tips will help you avoid frustrated users, and the possibility of a search engine giving you a lower score. 1. Don’t upload GIANT images. Often I see pages slowly loading pictures … Read more


Hello world!

Welcome to my Projects Site. Here you’ll find information regarding my work. Projects both personal and for clients, as well as some articles on technology for a mostly general audience. *For more about me, check the bottom of the “Home” page. I plan on adding “Client Stories“ in their own category, and helpful articles under … Read more