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Same Life, Different Circus

SameLifeDifferentCircus.com The Mom Boss Blog & Advice Column. Real life stories, and candid advice. A random connection brought to us by the Universe, and Craigslist! I met Melinda, a.k.a. the Mom Boss, in the spring and we started to work together to bring her Blog and Advice column site to life. At the start… When … Read more

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Flourish Nutritional Therapy

FlourishNutritionalTherapy.com By Heather Hanson, NTP, CFMHC, RMA, SFN, CFT Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. I connected with Heather via my work with the Austin Wellness Collaborative, she needed to build back up her online presence. At the start… Heather had some marketing materials, logo and web content, from a previous site version but no actual … Read more