Advancing Nurse Coaching

Advancing Nurse Coaching is run by Lyn McCright, RN, APRN, MPH, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC, and Teresa Walding, RN, BSN, NC-BC. They offer courses to nurses and healthcare providers that satisfy their Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) requirements and also prepare students to sit for the Nurse Coaching and Holistic Nursing certification exam.

Apart from their courses, Lyn and Teresa also offer their services as consultants, executive nurse coaches, and speakers.

To Start

Lyn and Teresa were having issues with unstable plugins. This cause issues updating most of the content on their website and their site was running incredibly slow.

We decided that the best way forward would be to create a whole new website, but while we were working on that we still needed a site that was functional and up to date.

The Work

  • Design and copy consultation.
  • WordPress site build and hosting setup:
    • Content upload and adjustment
    • CSS styling
    • Graphics
      • selection, adjustment, creation
      • optimization for web
    • System configuration
      • domain
      • integration with Keap “Max Classic” / a.k.a. InfusionSoft.
      • mailbox setup
      • performance optimization

Performance improvement details

As an example of what can be done with a fresh installation with performance modifications check out these screen shots from performance reports done on

Before rebuild:

Performance report showing the original site loading in 3.8 seconds, with a grade of 'E'
Key points from old site: nearly 1/2 second before server response, & nearly 4 seconds to load

After rebuild:

Performance report showing the new site loading with a grade of 'A' = 99%
Performance report showing the new site loading in 0.861 seconds.
Key points from new site: server response in about 0.2 seconds, and fully loaded in less than 0.9 seconds

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