Center for Collaborative Medicine

Center for Collaborative Medicine (CCM) was founded by Megan McElroy, PA-C, to “provide high quality functional medicine care in Austin and in Texas by licensed practitioners with prescriptive authority.”

Practitioners at CCM include Megan McElroy, Sara Klopp, and Dr. Ron Manzanero. Learn more about Center for Collaborative Medicine’s Practitioners and learn what “Functional Medicine” is at CCM‘s site.

To Start

Megan had already created her site with substantial content on it, but needed a bit of help cleaning up some glitches and improving her website’s search ranking (a.k.a. SEO). The site is built with Divi on WordPress.

The Work

Megan & I are still slowly working on this site. I’m not an SEO specialist but working with her and making countless content tweaks we’ve been able to get her rankings to the first page of Google for each of CCM’s practitioners.

In addition to the SEO work, I’ve cleaned up some Divi glitches and made other various display improvements. I’ve come to discover that Divi, while somewhat easy, can also get messy.

I will be writing more about my experiences with recent work to improve SEO on sites, but for now I will say that if you need to improve your “SEO” (search rankings) you can actually do it yourself.

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, the main factor is your content and sites that you link to (both sites linking to you and sites that you link to). The content that counts is largely what you, and other people, can actually read, hear, and see on their own. Yes there are hidden tags that can be helpful, but always start with your content.

Write often, update often, include the actual words that you want people to find. See this guide if you’re interested in SEO:

Check out Center for Collaborative Medicine’s site! For fun, research, or if you need care in Austin, TX 🙂