Flourish Nutritional Therapy

Flourish Nutritional Therapy


By Heather Hanson, NTP, CFMHC, RMA, SFN, CFT Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.

I connected with Heather via my work with the Austin Wellness Collaborative, she needed to build back up her online presence.

At the start…

Heather had some marketing materials, logo and web content, from a previous site version but no actual website.

My Work

I helped Heather find a new domain to use, and then began setting up a custom WordPress site for her on my hosting package.

Like many of my sites, her site has a customized WordPress theme to provide little adjustments that better suits her brand.

Other work included uploading blogs, content, finding and adjusting graphics. I also helped her get set up with an affiliate program and linked it to appropriate content.

Overall it’s a pretty standard setup but I look forward to improving it and working with Heather to improve her presence.