My usual rate is $40/hr, with billing available by the minute and discounts for projects.

I’m always happy to chat with people about their projects, so if you have questions or ideas, get in touch!

What I offer freely…

Free Consultations.

Have an idea, or question for me? Client or not, I’m happy to help. Within reason, I’ll also do research solutions for you. Need advice on your current situation? I’m here for you.

Free Hosting.

Except for projects with extraordinary demands, I offer free hosting. I don’t mind working on your existing host (even if it’s a site-builder like Weebly).

Details on my Hosting

*I’ll likely include the following with your project.

  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Storage
  • FREE SSD Drive Upgrade, for faster site loading
  • FREE SSL, protect your users & increase your site credibility.
    • for some sites enhanced SSL certificates are recommended – not included.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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