NuVision Women's Care,

NuVision Women’s Care NuVision Women’s Care was founded by Aly Bond who is an OB/GYN certified sonographer and specializes in managing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Aly is experienced in outpatient, hospital, and perinatal clinics throughout Denver. She struggled with (PCOS) for years before gaining insight into how to manage it naturally and effectively. Via telehealth, NuVision Women’s … Read more

Valentine Care By Jenna Valentine, the owner and primary practitioner at Valentine Care. Valentine Care offers holistic wellness services supporting both individuals and couples, through Asian body work, cupping, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Intimacy Coaching. Jenna is yet another connection from the Austin Wellness Collaborative. I’ve really enjoyed working with the collaborative. To Start Jenna’s … Read more