As You Are Acupuncture, by Nicole Fillion-Robin.

As You Are Acupuncture Nicole Fillion-Robin (LAc, MAcOM, Dipl. OM) is a solution-focused acupuncture practitioner who believes in meeting patients where they are and helping them live as they aspire to. She offers acupuncture and herbal consultations. Her specialties include gastrointestinal health, hospice, women’s health, and pain management. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, she offers virtual herbal consultations. To start Nicole already had decent start on her … Read more, Pet care services by Shelly Haines

Fetch Worthy Fetch Worthy is a pet sitting business transforming into a dog training business. Created by Shelly Haines, a certified dog trainer, who studied at the Victoria Stilwell Academy. She also holds a Professional Pet Sitter Certification from Pet Sitter’s International. Her business is primarily based in Austin, Texas and with the COVID-19 pandemic, she … Read more

Yoga at Sunset

Austin Wellness Collaborative The Austin Wellness Collaborative (AWC) is a collaboration and community for Health & Wellness Professionals. It was created by Dr. Ashley Maltz, in June of 2017. Ashley is an old friend of mine who I’ve remained in touch with through Facebook. Around August of 2018, it came to my attention that she was looking … Read more