Valentine Care

By Jenna Valentine, the owner and primary practitioner at Valentine Care. Valentine Care offers holistic wellness services supporting both individuals and couples, through Asian body work, cupping, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Intimacy Coaching.

Jenna is yet another connection from the Austin Wellness Collaborative. I’ve really enjoyed working with the collaborative.

To Start

Jenna’s site was the first Squarespace site that I’ve ever helped with. At the time I was offering free basic site performance reviews. Search engines like Google penalize sites that load slowly, so performance matters. Her site was actually not too bad in that regard, but after talking with her she told me about some other things that she wanted to improve but either wasn’t sure about or didn’t have time.

She wanted to embed reviews from Google, and also improve the overall look of her site.

The Work

To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure how to embed the reviews but I did some research and found a nice offering from They have some paid options but they also allow basic use for free. This is not a paid promotion, it’s just a service I appreciate and recommend. Other services charge more, or you can code your own, if you’ve got the budget for that.

Once I had that, and tested it out, it was just a minor matter of mastering Squarespace! Ready? Set! Go! Well maybe not “mastering” but if you’ve got the right background you’ll likely be able to figure out where and what to look for. Without the right background, it has to be confusing. Although I find Squarespace to be the easiest of the site builders, even I have to go to the forums and support documents at times.

In addition to adding the reviews widget, I adjusted and optimized a bunch of images to try out on the various pages. Then finally rounded it out with some tweaks to the site styles.

Now it’s out there doing it’s thing, and helping Jenna show off her amazing reviews! Check it out, and share 🙂