Well Balanced Women


By Karen Shopoff Rooff, a certified Personal Trainer & Perinatal Fitness Specialist. Karen offers fitness, wellness and health coaching. She champions practical and realistic approaches to living a fit and healthy life.

In addition to her coaching, Coach Karen also shares her knowledge in her blog: “Running on Balance“. It’s a well regarded resource for great information on women’s health.

Like many of my recent clients, Karen and I connected through my work with the Austin Wellness Collaborative.

At the start…

Karen was experiencing quite a few issues with the Divi page builder on her WordPress install.

Various sections of the site were not showing images in the right places, and sometimes the images wouldn’t show at all. Other sections seemed to be missing background or border colors.

My work:

It seemed like a trivial fix for someone well-versed in CSS, but that turned out not to be the case.

At first, I went through and identified affected pages. Then went back and found proper style settings using my browser developer tools. In the browser I could see that some settings and pictures were actually in the page, but those settings were being undone by other CSS rules. There were also some settings that were missing altogether.

After figuring out what needed to be fixed, I applied those changes into Divi. Easy right? Not exactly.

After completing the work, I was about to let Karen know and then I saw a problem. Some of the fixes I applied disappeared and were again either missing or being overwritten.

It was not going to plan, but this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered unexpected issues!

Now I had to figure out the cause.

Either I didn’t save something correctly, or there was a bug.

First, I went back and reapplied the changes and again at first they worked. Then on a subsequent edit, they disappeared.

It was definitely bugged, so off I went to see if I could find some trace of this happening to others and there was. Unfortunately, it was not commonly happening to people, actually it seemed rare but… it had been reported AND there was a patch being released that week!


I could focus back on improving the site rather than just fixing stuff that shouldn’t have happened.

Additional work included resizing some images and running an image optimizer on some. Re-working the main site header logo so that it was easier to read, and additional styling as well.

All of the major issues were fixed and patched but We still have more work to do!

Check out Karen’s site, learn more and share! 🙂